Transfer money overseas

Save money when you send money with our low-margin FX rates.

Competitive rates

Our lower-margin FX rates offer bigger savings on overseas money transfers.

World-class service

Experienced multilingual customer support team available in a range of languages.

Trusted & secure

Authorised as a payment institution. See more.

Send and receive international money transfers quickly and easily

Exchange to over 20 currencies from one multi-currency account.

Send and receive money quickly

Avoid steep FX markups and hefty international banking fees when transferring your savings abroad.

Access same-day transfers on major currencies to over 150 countries from any device, at any time. As we have local bank accounts across the globe, most international transfers on our platform are treated as domestic transfers, saving you time and money.

Low cost, secure transfers

On average, CurrencyFair only adds 0.53% to the mid-market currency exchange rate, whereas traditional banks can add markups of between 3% and 6%.

Our competitive exchange rates and low flat-fee of just €3 (or currency equivalent) means more money in your pocket when sending and receiving money transfers.

Bank-beating rates, at home or on the go

Access our platform from any device at any time.

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Martha Loughlin | CurrencyFair customer

You are sending your hard-earned money – you worked so many hours for this, every euro counts so why would you not want to save money?

Martha Loughlin trusted CurrencyFair with her savings when emigrating to Canada from Ireland. By avoiding hefty international banking fees, Martha had more money to fund her new start in Canada.

Other ways to save with CurrencyFair

Discover others ways CurrencyFair can help you save, or check out our live conversion rates here to see how much you can save.

Receive overseas pension

During your retirement abroad, transfer money easily and cheaply.

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Receive proceeds from selling shares

Our competitive exchange rates means more money in your pocket.

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Buy overseas property

Make property purchase a hassle-free success.

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Pay overseas tax

Save on conversion fees when filing your overseas tax return.

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