Multiple currencies, one account

Hold over 20 currencies and exchange to the currency you need, when you need it.

Quick international transfers

Send and receive international money transfers to and from over 150 countries from any device, at any time.

Quickly and securely send and receive over 20 currencies, and get same-day transfers on major currencies.

Avoid international banking fees when you use our local bank accounts across the globe. By using CurrencyFair your international transfer is treated as a local transfer, saving you time and money.

Ten years in operation and over €260 million saved by our customers.

Bank-beating FX

Say no to excessive fees and bad exchange rates. With CurrencyFair, on average you pay just 0.45% of the amount exchanged.

Our live currency calculator tells you exactly how much your recipient will get, with no hidden surprises in our fine print and a small flat-fee of just €3 (or currency equivalent) per transfer.

Combined with our great rates, your transfers are up to eight times cheaper than the banks.

Choose your own rate

Our unique peer-to-peer exchange empowers you to set your own rate, and wait for it to be matched with other customers exchanging the opposite currency.

Simply set your rate, and wait for a match. Customers can even beat the FX rate you see on Google!

Regulated & secure

We are fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland so your money is in safe hands.

One account, multiple currencies

Remove the hassle and fees of managing different currency accounts.

Customise your team’s experience

Tailor permissions and create custom roles for each user. Define how much access each user has depending on their role on the team.

Avoid excessive fees

Our transparent flat-fee of just €3 (or currency equivalent) means you can rest assured there are no surprises hidden in our fine print.

In the office, working from home or on the go

Access our platform from any device at any time.

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